Time to complete your order:
Standard Operating Days
$42.95 Ride Bracelet
$21.95 Under 48" Ride Bracelet

Peak Operating Days (SAT/SUN/Holidays between Memorial Day and Labor Day)
$47.95 Ride Bracelet
$24.95 Under 48" Ride Bracelet

Ride Bracelets allow unlimited access to the Oaks Amusement Park rides for the selected date during normal operating hours. Rider requirements and restrictions vary by ride; please visit our Ride Guide for details.

Ride Bracelets are required for anyone participating in attractions and are based on the height of the rider; non-riders are welcome to enter the park at no charge. Rider height will be verified upon arrival; Under 48" Ride Bracelets will not be issued to any guests over 48" tall. Under 48" Ride Bracelet tickets can be upgraded to regular Ride Bracelet tickets at the Ticket Booth for an additional fee.

Ride Bracelets are NON-TRANSFERABLE and are only valid for the original wearer. Transferred bracelets will be VOIDED without refund.

Before purchasing tickets, review the ticketing policies. Tickets are available starting 40 days in advance.

**Special Event Notice**
  • July 4 is a special event and admission of $36 per person is required to enter the park. Admission includes rides. Visit our Fireworks Spectacular page for event tickets. The amusement park, including the rides, games, and mini golf, will be closed on July 5, 2022.